Frequently Asked Questions

What makes PawPointer different from other websites?

The best thing about PawPointer is that we put you directly in touch with our breeders and rescues. There is no puppy broker or middle-man managing the most vital relationship you will have during your search process, the relationship between you and your breeder or rescue. And unlike other online marketplaces which may provide free listings and top placement for premium breeders, these same sites ultimately allow anyone with registered dogs (including non-vetted breeders) to list an advertisement. PawPointer individually visits, vets and checks references for every single breeder listed as part of our thorough vetting process prior to approving and adding any breeder to our site.

Why does PawPointer focus on purebred dogs and exclude “designer” and “hybrid” breeds?

PawPointer promotes purebred dogs because purebred dogs from reputable breeders are bred to be healthy, well-tempered, and highly predictable! When you determine the best breed for your lifestyle, you can rest assured that your new best friend will live up to his standard. Because of the nature of hybrid dogs, you will not have the same assurance of predictability in temperament and health. Your dog will display attributes from either of its parent’s breeds and you will not be able to choose which traits are passed on to the next generation. For example, just because a breed is mixed with a poodle does not guarantee that all the puppies will have an allergy-friendly coat. The dog could just as easily have a coat similar to the other half of its family tree.

I already have a waitlist and don’t breed often. Why should I be listed?

PawPointer isn’t just about helping great breeders find new homes to add to their waitlist; it’s also about creating a safe place online and a great resource for first time pet owners (and even veteran owners!) to be in touch with reputable breeders who recognize how hard it can be for future dog owners to find them even when going through the established channels. Most in our existing breeder network have no trouble finding homes for their dogs, but believe a site like this should exist to help preserve the breeds we love and make it more difficult for puppy mills to trick people.

How does PawPointer promote the health, temperament and preservation of purebred dogs?

PawPointer has the same goal of preserving the breeds we love by promoting health, temperament and conformation to the standard as the primary goal in sound breeding programs. PawPointer Breeders are heavily involved in specialty and all-breed clubs, competition, recognized as “Breeders of Merit” and provide working line and therapy; we’re very proud of our Breeder Family!

Finding good homes for retired animals is not always easy. How is PawPointer helping place older animals?

Our goal at PawPointer is to establish relationships between great breeders and those looking for a new pet. We are not about just selling puppies. We’ve come to learn that most people don’t even realize the option exists to adopt older dogs from breeders; many people turn to shelters to find older dogs when that is their preference. Future planned enhancements to the site will include educational materials and electronic buyer questionnaire, which will help to further draw attention to this option as well as less conventional paths to dog ownership like “foster-to-own” rescue programs.