Our guarantee

We guarantee that the PawPointer team has completed a thorough verification process, including an in-person visit, before adding any breeder's profile to the site. Please visit our Tips For Finding a Dog section if you have additional questions relating to the decision process of getting your new puppy

Each step of the PawPointer verification process is critical to finding the most trusted breeders and we take this process very seriously. Any breeder who we feel is not up to our standards will not be added to the site

1. Finding reputable breeders online is no easy task

Before PawPointer, finding a reputable breeder online required you to contact many different breeders and meet with each of them to confirm they were properly breeding and caring for the newborn puppies and the adult dogs used for breeding

2. It's difficult to avoid breeders that mistreat their dogs

Many people pretend to be reputable breeders online, but these people are actually selling unhealthy dogs from puppy mills or overseas. 99% of puppies sold at pet stores are sourced from puppy mills; these puppy mills inbreed dogs and mistreat them

3. PawPointer makes your dog search much easier and safer

The PawPointer team wants to be your first line of defense during your puppy search process. Rather than blindly finding breeders online yourself, PawPointer helps by providing a list of breeders that we have identified as reputable based on our vetting process

4. Our vetting process starts by speaking with the breeder

We speak with established breeders on the phone as part of our initial screening. The PawPointer team also searches online for any negative reviews of the breeder and tries speaking with the breeder's veterinarians as well as previous puppy buyers

5. We then meet with the breeder in person

After completing our initial screening, we drive to the breeder's home to meet them in person. Meeting each breeder in person is critical to confirming that each breeder is up to our standards. This level of verification is not being done anywhere else

6. During our visit we check on the condition of the dogs

When we meet the breeder in person, we check on the condition of the dogs. It is very important that all the dogs are properly cared for and have plenty of space. We also confirm that the dames (puppies' moms) are around and are a part of the nurturing process

7. We also take lots of pictures during the visit

As part of our visit, we take pictures of the adult dogs, puppies and overall conditions. This gives you a chance to see inside the breeders' homes before even contacting a breeder. These pictures go far beyond just a few snapshots of a specific puppy available for sale, like other sites

8. We only post profiles for the reputable breeders

If we feel there are any issues with a breeder based on our verification process, we will not add that breeder's profile to the site. We guarantee that we will only add a new breeder's profile page after we have conducted our in-person visit

9. All pictures on the breeder profiles are taken by us

All of the pictures on the breeders' profile pages were taken by a member of the PawPointer team during our in-person breeder visits. You will find the PawPointer Verified logo prominently included on each of the pictures on the breeders' profiles

10. Find a breeder you like and message them

You can contact a breeder using the message box at the bottom of that breeder's profile page. But please keep in mind that breeders listed do not always have puppies available immediately; if a breeder constantly has puppies available this is a sign of a puppy mill

11. You'll add a new best friend to your family soon!

Although we have met with each of the breeders in person, if you find a breeder that you are interested in getting a puppy from, we recommend you also visit the breeder in person. We created PawPointer to help with your puppy search process based on our own experiences